Kevin Kern – Imagination’s Light

Kevin Kern - Imagination's Light


本专辑是Real Music在2005年发行的Kevin Kern(凯文.柯恩)的最新专辑——《Imagination’s Light》(灵感之光)。因为先天性弱视,Kevin Kern一生下来就在朦胧的视觉下,依靠触觉和感觉来摸索世界,正因如此,他反而多出一份其他钢琴师一生都无法模仿的细腻与敏感,你永远可以从Kevin Kern的音乐中,体验到生命中每一刻的珍贵质量。

Kevin Kern的官方网站(在介绍本专辑时候说:“在Kevin孩童时期,他常常独自坐在只有微微烛光飘忽的房间里,静静地任思绪驰骋。他把自己的想象和情感,连同自己的音乐天赋一同融入到音乐的表达中。直到今天,kevin仍然习惯关掉工作室的灯光来创作他独特的完美钢琴音乐,唯一引导他的是想象中的灵感和光芒。”

With David Lanz having successfully made the transition from new age pioneer to smooth jazz artist, there are very few pianists remaining whose sole focus is the gently rhythmic, deeply melodic, and healing music that defines the classic genre. Kevin Kern is a newly minted Steinway artist (joining the prestigious ranks of, among others, Vladimir Horowitz, Herbie Hancock, and Billy Joel), and plays his latest set of stunning, soothing, and captivating melodies on The Hamburg Concert Grand — which he calls one of the most lyrical instruments he’s ever performed on. More than simply a collection of ten originals (one of which, “Keepers of the Flame,” was inspired by an ancient Gregorian chant) and a glowing cover of Sting’s “Fields of Gold,” the album is an impressionistic glimpse into Kern’s childhood experiences of sitting at the piano in a darkened room lit only by firelight. This imagery inspires the classical-tinged intimacy of pure, hypnotic piano pieces like “Pearls of Joy,” but Kern also enjoys sharing his memories with his small ensemble of Terry Miller (bass) and Mike Miller. Miller’s acoustic guitar shimmers as the harmony line on “Remembering the Light” and joyfully shares the melody on parts of “Safe in Your Embrace” and “Musings.” Channeling Imagination’s Light magnificently, the sensitive and spirited Kern ensures that the flame of true new age music burns on.

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02 Safe In Your Embrace.m4a
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04 Told to the Heart.m4a
05 Fields of Gold.m4a
06 Imagination’s Key.m4a
07 Keepers of the Flame.m4a
08 Musings.m4a
09 Sweet Dreams, Helena.m4a
10 I Am Always Right Here.m4a
11 And the Light Is Forever.m4a
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