The National – iTunes Festival: London 2010 – EP

The National - iTunes Festival: London 2010 - EP

類型: 另類音樂, 音樂
發行日期: 2010年07月20日
℗ 2010 4AD


The audio tracks on this EP are Mastered for iTunes.This EP was recorded at the iTunes Festival—a month of exclusive live performances at the legendary Roundhouse in London. The first iTunes Festival launched in 2007, bringing out a wide array of amazing music every night for an entire month. Check out more EPs like this one and go to for more information.

01 Anyone’s Ghost (Live).m4a
02 Mistaken for Strangers (Live).m4a
03 Bloodbuzz Ohio (Live).m4a
04 Brainy (Live).m4a
05 Afraid of Everyone (Live).m4a
06 Conversation 16 (Live).m4a
07 England (Live).m4a
08 Available (Live).m4a
Directories: 1, Files: 8, Size: 67,990,412 B
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